Medford Memorial Hospital Fallout 4 Settler Assignment

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Full Fallout 4 Walkthrough (Also Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World)
This guide is being provided for a full Fallout 4 walk through of the complete game. Every quest, location, and point of interest will be provided. Even areas that cannot be fast traveled will be visited. However, area that do not provide any names will not be.

Due to the extensive length of this walk through, it will be updated until fully completed, Details on each area will be provided in the video description.

After this guide is completed, consider this a one-stop-shop for all your concerns.

-6/6/2016, Added Automatron.
-7.23.2016, Added Far Harbor.
-9.26.2016, Adding Nuka World


The Big List of Missions and Quests

This section of the guide covers the Quests and Missions, listing them in alphabetical order, as a reference source. It can be a bit challenging telling the difference between Missions and Quests so we thought we would define them for you to make it more clear...

A Quest is a general action assignment usually flagged from an important character in your party or an environmental flag point. They generally are a good source for XP and will result in positive effects such as exploration and discovering new locations, as well as looting good stuff and of course earning a reward.

Quests in general while fun to do (and they are for the most part) do not move the story forward.

Missions are basically more involved Quests that DO move the story forward. So while the same is basically true in their description and that of the regular Quests, in this case they are the grease that lubes the wheels that tell the story of Fallout 4. So, are we clear here?


A House Divided

Things at The Institute are not humming along smoothly it seems. In fact that are not really humming along at all smoothly. Dr. Oberly needs you in BioScience right away.

1. Talk to Newton Oberly
2. Follow Newton Oberly
3. To to the BioScience Observation Room
4. Talk to Lawrence Higgs
5. Talk to Newton Oberly

When we arrive we find that BioScience has been taken hostage as a protest over you being made Director. Newton offers to unlock access to the area control room so you can talk to them - and gives you the means to take control if that is required.

You are met immediately with Synth and Turret resistance and must defend yourself. Once you reach the Observation Room you encounter Higgs - and he is not happy.

You try talking to him - there is a Speech Challenge - ideally you succeed in the Speech Challenge because the alternative is to take them by force. What I suggest you do is this - Quicksave BEFORE you do the Speech Check. Use any outfits you have that will boost your Charisma and Persuasion.

If you don't have it with you - go get it.

Success here allows you to keep violence in check - despite the attitude that this guy gives - and I highly recommend that you take the Speech Check path.

Once you get that done head back to Oberly and talk - then you decide on how to punish them - or IF to punish them. I chose not to and that completed the mission .

A Loose End

Remember Virgil? This is a quest about Virgil - or rather it is one more step in our eliminating all of the people we have worked with in the past it seems.

1. Kill Virgil
2. Report to Captain Kells

When you enter the cave its defenses immediately trigger so you need to quickly take out the pair of MG Turrets and the Protectron - then kill Virgil.

With that done you may as well strip the place of every bit of resource and valuables. Don't forget to read his Terminal Logs.

After you manage this minor task, report your success to the Captain back at the Ship...

That completes the quest.

When we report in we get another piece of Power Armor from the Captain's collection. This is rather odd really - because when you do the math once you upgrade it the parts he has given us - the Chest and Helm -

A New Dawn

The Institute has been dealt with, we may sort of have our son back, Elder Maxson is pleased, but what does the future hold in store for us?

1. Return to the Prydwen
2. Speak to elder Maxson

Back on the Ship we need to seek out Elder Maxson who is with the Captain, They reward you with a promotion to Sentinel - and gift you a Jetpack! You are then told that they have no more orders for you and suggest you find your own way forward from here...

As you leave the bridge area you find Shaun - and have a talk with him to let him know you have his back. Then he hands you a Holotape from Father - and now the other shoe drops. Of course the child is a Synth - and Shaun is asking us to keep it safe. Well, what of it? A kid is a kid after all...

At this point when we talk to Shaun again we can send him to the Settlement we intend to call home from here forward - Sanctuary would be my choice. And that, as they say, is that... Or is it?

We are expecting additional DLC Story Content so, at least for now the story is over... But then is it really?

Ad Victorium

After you return to the Airport with the Agitator Ingram fills you in on the plan for restarting Prime... For YOU restarting Prime that is!

1. Speak to Proctor Ingram
2. Plug in the Beryllium Agitator
3. Activate the Power Transfer Switch.
4. Follow Liberty Prime
5. Defend Liberty Prime
6. Enter the Institute

Once you talk to Ingram head to the gantry and take the lift up, then insert the Beryllium Agitator into Prime, then return to the control stand and activate the Power Transfer Switch.

With his power back on you need to follow Liberty Prime as he makes his way across town to the CIT Campus - during which the Institute tries to attack but pretty much fails. Once you reach the Campus your objective changes to defending Liberty Prime.

After a certain amount of time and attacks the objective changes to Enter the Institute. So drop down the hole with the other Knights and take the battle inside!

Dropping down the hole completes the mission Ad Victorium and unlocks the Achievement: Ad Victorium (30g) Complete “Ad Victorium”. You then flag the mission - The Nuclear Option.

Airship Down

The plan to deal with The Brotherhood appears to begin with dealing with their ship...

1. Speak to Doctor Watson
2. Use the Relay to reach the Airport.
3. Infiltrate the Terminal
4. Destroy the three Brotherhood Generators
5. Reach Liberty Prime
6. (Optional) Place Teleport Beacons
7. Defend the Synth hacking Liberty Prime
8. Evacuate the Airport

To kick this off we head over to Advanced Sciences where we talk to Dr. Watson and let him know about the decision. Dr. Orman explains the situation to you - she wants you to relay in on the edge and take down the generators that are interfering with the ability to relay into the Airport itself.

She gives you a beacon marker, which allows you to deliver Synths to specific spots for tactical use.

Our primary task after taking out the generators is to reach Liberty Prime and take it over using a virus. Basically we are turning their bot against them.

BEFORE you go to the Relay Room... You want to go home and kit-up. Pick your best weapons and make sure your armor is in top shape. Make sure you have meds and healing kit. You are about to go into a major battle so be prepared for anything!

When you are prepared Fast Travel back to The Institute and use the main lift to reach the Relay Room. There you will relay out to the incursion point and begin your battle!

At the Airport

The most effective method for making progress here is simple - put your back against the hull of the airplane ahead and to the right and then kill ALL of the Brotherhood forces that are BEHIND your position. That way all of the fire will be coming from the airport direction, and in a circle around you.

Once you have carved out a safe zone so that your rear is protected, start picking off the enemy literally from right to left in front of you, using your cover to minimize damage to your armor.

At some point you will have removed ALL of the enemy forces at this incursion point. When that happens IMMEDIATELY Fast Travel home, repair your armor, and replace any supplies you need! Then Fast Travel back and proceed to clear more forces!

Once you begin destroying Generators your will get Synth reinforcements. Just take out the three gennies - the third and final one is in the ground control tower that is up the lift in the area with the others.

After that you need to reach Liberty Prime and defend the Synth that is sent to reprogram it - and that means defeating waves of Vertibirds and Brotherhood Knights and Paladins!

Once you manage that, you need to evacuate the area - when Liberty Prime attacks the airship you will be relayed out of the area. You will then witness the destruction of both the airship and Liberty Prime - and that will complete the mission and unlock the next mission - Nuclear Family.

The Battle of Bunker Hill

We are now well on our way to working through the missions for The Institute.

1. Speak to Father
2. Reach Bunker Hill
3. Find the Escaped Synths.
4. Deal with the Escaped Synths
5. Speak with Father in the Ruins of CIT.

Father reveals that the Synths that the Railroad has stolen need to be recovered. He knows that you have been in contact with The Railroad - and then there is the fact that he wants to keep The Brotherhood in the dark about these Synths...

Father explains that your contact will be waiting for you outside Bunker Hill - so head there now and meet up with them. The Contact turns out to be X4-18. He briefs you and you go in to take the Synths back!

I don't know if this is part of the script but when I did this The Brotherhood showed up - and a battle ensued. Fight your way through the Brotherhood and Railroad Heavies then make your way into the Basement, to fight some more!

Once you finish the battle in the basement head down to where the Synths are to deal with them. You do that by issuing their reset codes - your Courser will take the Synths back to The Institute - you need to mop up outside.

Once you have completed that task, return to talk to Father. You will find him inside the CIT Ruins (not the dome but you can get there from there as he is on the roof).

Evidently his first trip to the surface has really freaked him out. He is convinced that the future is below ground... He then fills in some of the other background information about the plans that The Institute had. More of the backstory basically.

That completes the Battle of Bunker Hill Mission - and flags the mission - Mankind - Redefined.

The Battle of Bunker Hill - Railroad Faction

When we talk to Father we learn that he is fully aware of the role that the people at the Bunker Hill Enclave are working with The Railroad. And he wants it dealt with.

1. Talk to Father
2. Reach Bunker Hill
3. (Optional) Inform the Brotherhood
4. (Optional) Inform the Railroad
5. Find the escaped Synths
6. Deal with the Escaped Synths
7. Speak with Father in the ruins of the CIT

The actions of The Railroad are such that The Institute has concluded direct military action is required. Specifically they want the four escaped Synths to be recovered.

You are directed to head to Bunker Hill and deal with the matter - you are given the Option of informing both The Brotherhood and/or The Railroad.

Obviously we are not going to inform The Brotherhood - but as this IS our Railroad Faction play-through we have to inform them - as it will help protect their operation. Ah but it may ALSO blow our cover.

So we Fast Travel to Railroad HQ and tell Desdemona about the impending attack on Bunker Hill - and while she knows that this will blow your cover losing the four after all the effort that they have expended - it cannot happen.

That said though, this is an opportunity for The Railroad to set a trap for The Institute... What Des wants is for you to help take out The Institute forces, then just tell Father everyone else was killed but you survived because you are that good. Hell that may work!

When you arrived to tell Des about the attack chances are very good you instantly flagged the next quest in the Randolph Safehouse series as well - Randolph Safehouse 6. Hopefully you have been doing those and keeping them current?

So at this point we can move the Bunker Hill Mission forward... But BEFORE we do that, since we are already going to be taking a chance on blowing our status with The Institute, why not REALLY roll the dice and go after the Coursers first?

The Battle of Bunker Hill

When you arrive at the site you are supposed to meet with your Institute Contact - a Courser named X4-18 - remember that this operation is being staged at the behest of and for The Instutute - and we are just playing along with them to stay on their good side!

We have already warned The Institute - so they know that the attack is pending - and have laid a trap for the Institute agents...

When you arrive speak with X4 to be briefed - but in the midst of the briefing everything goes pear-shaped as a shooting war starts!

Your objective now changes to finding the escaped Synths...

The easiest method to proceed from here with is to simply ignore all of the combat around you - don't even bother drawing a weapon! Just walk right through the combat to the marker and go down into the sub-level of the enclave, then follow the flag through the back to the room with the Synths - where your objective changes again to deal with the escaped Synths...

This is basically the key point where you make the critical life-altering decision. If you opt to capture the Synths you are basically changing sides to The Institute. If you opt to free them, you will then need to kill the Courser you came here with - X4-18.

You can quickly and easily kill him by targeting his head with your medium-range weapon and doing an active Crit.

Once you do that your objective changes to meet Father in the Ruins of the CIT campus (on the roof there).

When you move back through what was the battlefield the fighting has stopped and the local defenses are no longer targeting you. As you emerge from the building the same basic situation prevails outside - the fighting is mostly over and can now Fast Travel back to the Institute - but you don't want to do that - what you want to do is Fast Travel to the CIT Campus.

Talking with Father

Once you arrive there, go inside the Dome Building and to the right, and exit onto the roof, where you will find Father waiting.

For the first time in his life he has actually left the confines of The Institute's underground facilities and he does not like what he sees.

As you work your way through the conversation trees you begin to learn just how active a role Shaun actually played in what has been happening to you. You being released from the Cryogenic suspension, you being lead to The Institute, and much of what has happened since then - it all comes back to Shaun!

You should keep the mission and your secret separate from this relationship with Shaun. He asks what happened at Bunker Hill - if you tell them that you were totally Ambushed, even though he is angry, he still wants to believe in you... So this is not a total derailment. You still have a relationship with him and The Institute.

At this point you now complete the mission The Battle of Bunker Hill - and flag a new mission - Mankind - Redefined...

Basically the situation - your situation - with The Institute - is not as fluid as it was previously. That said though, you have managed to keep the Underground-Undercover intact, and that was the important part of all this.

Don't bother checking in with The Railroad at this point - just begin the new mission...

Blind Betrayal

Now that you have Liberty Prime rebuilt and functional you need to head up to talk to Maxson and start his new mission...

1. Speak to Elder Maxson.
2. Speak to Proctor Quinlan
3. Follow Scribe Haylen
4. Speak to Scribe Haylen
5. Travel to Listening Post Bravo
6. Locate Paladin Danse
7. Speak to Paladin Danse
8. Leave Listening Post Bravo
9. Speak to Danse.
10. Speak to Elder Maxson.

Fast Travel to the ship and seek out Elder Maxson - and he tells you some information that is, well, very hard to believe! Paladin Danse is a Synth! Ah man... Maxson has dispatched us to hunt down and kill Paladin Danse!

He sends you to talk with Proctor Quinlan - and during the conversation Scribe Haylen appears - very angry with you. You follow her and she goes to a private place and tries to reason with you about hunting down and killing him.

She makes an impassioned plea - we agreed to hear Danse out - which makes her happy. She tells us where Danse is likely to be - Listening Post Bravo, their fallback position...

Fast Travel to Listening Post Bravo and you then encounter Paladin Danse - he is not happy about being one of the Synths - but then he tries to convince you to kill him because it is your duty! Whoa!

Well I don't want to kill him so I decided to convince him that he is wrong about him needing to be killed... Danse gives you his Holotags to show Maxson to prove that Danse was killed - and then he decides to make a run for it.

Of course when we exit the bunker Maxson is waiting for us. Sigh. We only have one choice - try to convince Maxson he is wrong! Fortunately we CAN convince him not to kill Danse. He agrees to let him go, and tell the others that he was killed.

Danse decides to make Listening Post Bravo his home... So he is available later if you want to partner with him as a Companion.

We need to return to the ship and speak with Elder Maxson now...

When you return he promotes you to fill Danse's position as a Paladin. Kinda thought that would happen... That completes this mission and flags the next - Tactical Thinking. It also unlocks the Achievement: Blind Betrayal (10g) Complete “Blind Betrayal”.

Boston After Dark

Completing the quest to join the Railroad allows you to Fast Travel to and from the Railroad HQ - which is cool - but you still need to hand over the Prototype.

1. Give Carrington his prototype.
2. Retrieve the dead drop
3. Meet Old Man Stockton
4. Secure the rendezvous point.
5. Wait until night for Old Man Stockton
6. Wait for Railroad Connection
7. follow High Rise
8. Talk with High Rise
9. Report back to Dr. Carrington

I don't think he likes us... But he fills you in on the mission - to obtain a dead drop then link up with an agent to help with a reluctant Synth.

The closest Fast Travel point to the drop appears to be Monsignor Plaza - so heading there we can hoof it the rest of the way. Remember you can Fast Travel from INSIDE the HQ now. So you do not have to leave to do that.

From the dead drop we find Stockton's Holotape - give that a listen and then head out to meet up with the man.

Make your way to the enclave that has been constructed around the Bunker Hill Memorial - you run into a Ghoul named Edward inside who wants you to do jobs for him... He works for a guy named Jack Cabot - who you also need to talk to at Cabot House, in Beacon Hill. This flags the quest Special Delivery.

A little girl named Meg offers to give you a tour of the market for 10 caps. Why not?

With that out of the way, head into the enclave and talk to Stockton, who once you give the countersign he tells you what he wants to tell you - and then you agree to take out the Raiders and meet him at dusk to help deliver the package.

After you clear away the outside enemies you head inside the BADTFL Building and clear it out as well, and that satisfies the requirements for this part of the quest.

In theory what you need to do is return to Stockton and wait for dusk - thing is you are likely nearly overloaded with loot - I know I was. And there is no timer running here - so why not stash that loot at home first?

When I did that - as I sorted through my loot - I discovered that I had collected a new Holotape among the looting that I did - and it was one of the tapes from the Eddie Winter set! How did THAT happen? I gave it a listen - still not sure about this quest but still... It was Eddie Winter Holotape 0 - presumably the first in the set?

So with the enemies now removed head to the marker and secure the rendezvous point - but I gotta warn you when I approached I got jumped by a Deathclaw! Not sure if this is part of the quest but be careful if you have light armor as they are wicked dangerous!

Once you have secured the scene you just need to wait until night for Old Man Stockton to appear - you can actually sit on a pew and wait - and then when he arrives he will introduce you to H2-22 who is the Synth you are there to help.

This basically turns into a simple escort mission - you follow High Rise (your Railroad Contact) to his casa, where you part company. Along the way you kill some Raiders. Easy-peasy!

Once you get them home you talk to High Rise then jet back to the Railroad HQ to report to the Doc. Remember you can Fast Travel direct to HQ.

When you talk to the Doc that ends the quest. When you talk to him you learn that the safehouse network is threatened as well - and your help is needed. The end of this conversation flags the next mission in the story line - Butcher's Bill.

If you did not already collect this on a desk in the HQ is a copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales - which adds +5% to Cryolator damage. So yeah, get that!

In one of the side rooms there is a robot named P.A.M. that will give you a mission - it wants you to help establish a new Distribution Center (Safehouse). This flags the quest - Mercer Safehouse.

Now before you head to the next mission it would be an idea to take stock of the current standing of all of your settlements - do any need attention? Defenses built? Food? Water? Power? You should try to stay on top of that if possible and now is a good time to head home, store your loot, and then look to the needs of your Settlements.

Butcher's Bill

This quest begins with another dead drop - so head to the marker by Bunker Hill to pick up the dead drop to begin the mission.

1. Go to the dead drop.
2. Determine the status of the Agusta Safehouse
3. Report back to Dr. Carrington

When you reach the dead drop mailbox, you obtain the Agusta Report. That takes you to a marker at Kendall Hospital so Fast Travel there and then go inside. kill the Raiders then use the lift above to go down.

You will have to battle your way through the ransacked safehouse to the desk with the report in it - once you have the report, return to Dr. Carrington to let him know just how bad it was!

On your way out you will have to kill a Death Claw - and there is a Fusion Core to loot - then you need to throw the breaker to power the security door that will let you access the exit.

Talking to Carrington will wrap up the main Railroad missions for now - though PAM has something for you...

Butcher's Bill 2

It seems that one of the agents from Augusta may still be alive... Your mission is to try to rescue them from the Raiders holding them prisoner in the hopes of learning what happened at the safehouse.

1. Go to the dead drop for Dr. Carrington.
2. Find Agent Blackbird
3. Report back to Dr. Carrington.

When you reach the dead drop at the Medical Center Metro (Fast Travel to it) you will need to take out the Raiders or Gunners that are defending it before you can find that your next location is north at the BADTFL Regional Office - so Fast Travel there!

When you arrive you will need to take out the Raiders defending the outside, and then go inside and do the same. When you reach the cell you find Blackbird dead - with a note though. Having recovered that and learned his fate, you need to report to Carrington.

Call to Arms

After you speak with Paladin Danse you accept his offer to join the recon team and lend them a hand in locating the tech they need to repair their broadcast unit.

1. Speak with Paladin Danse.
2. Follow Palading Danse.
3. Follow Palading Danse.
4. Provide Fire Support for Paladin Danse
5. Follow Paladin Danse
6. Restore auxiliary Power to Engine Core
7. (Optional) Activate the Engine Core's Rocket
8. (Optional) Assess Paladin Danse's condition.
9. Proceed to the Control Room.
10. Clear the Control Room
11. Retrieve the Deep Range Transmitter
12. Exit ArcJet Systems
13. Speak with Paladin Danse

You are invited to go into the Police Station to re-supply - after which you should speak to the Paladin to advance the quest.

In the evidence room there is a Holotape for Operations Winter's End - you should grab that and listen to it. In a side room is another Holotape that belongs to the Scribe - you really should give that one a listen too.

When you are ready talk to Danse - as you follow him Paladin Danse leads you on quite the journey - and you come under attack several times, first by Raiders then a pack of Wild Dogs. But eventually you arrive at the target site, and then you head inside for the Arc Jet Technology that the group needs.

Your job - once you are inside - is to access the different terminals to find the information that is needed and then unlock and open the doors with a terminal - at which point you need to help defend Paladin Danse!

As you follow Danse be sure to be practical and do your part. Use the terminal in the computer room to disable the turrets, and check the terminal at reception to learn about the safe.

As you enter the Rocket Core Area with Danse let him lead the way - at the bottom of the core area there is a workshop with a special weapon in it - a Junk Jet - be sure to grab that!

At the back of this area is a terminal for the Facilities Maintenance - you want to hack that to gain access to the Power Controls. Use the Power Options to turn the Aux Generator back on - there is a Fusion Core in that room - before you leave the facility with Paladin Danse be sure you collect that as it is the same type of Core that powers the Power Armor Suits.

If you go into the next chamber you can fire the engine to kill all the enemies that are attacking there - just be sure that Danse is not in the middle of the Core Chamber, right?

Looting Priorities By this time you will be very close to overloaded, so you should find a container and basically dump the less useful stuff to make room so that you can be sure to be able to loot the really useful stuff.

For example while cups and glass bottles and whatnot are ordinarily useful, setting your base standard at truly complicated things that have springs, screws, and the like and then moving up is the way to go here!

Use the lift at the base of the Core Room to get to the top level - don't worry if Danse is not inside with you he will catch you up.

Once inside the chamber assist Danse in taking out the enemy you encounter - then carefully loot EVERYONE. One of the enemy bodies has the tech device you are seeking - the Deep Range Transmitter - so be sure you LOOT THAT!

Once you loot that Paladin Danse is going to want to leave straight away. DO NOT DO THAT.

Finish looting this chamber as there are very desirable items to be had here! One of the weapons dropped here is an Institute Rifle - the first of that type you encounter - so be sure to at least grab that and get the ammo from the Steamer Trunk.

When you are happy with what you have looted, use the lift in the corner - this lift will take you to the back exit of the facility and allow you to leave. At this point you are tasked with speaking to Paladin Danse - he sure is left-handed in his compliments.

When you chat with him he asks you to turn over the Transmitter and then offers you a reward for your help. The reward is a special weapon called the Righteous Authority - a modified energy rifle with pretty decent damage.

Once you exchange items he has a proposal for you - continue being a Wastelands Wanderer or Join the Brotherhood.

If this seems to be a major decision for you, relax. It is not what it sounds like. Oh, if you join them you WILL be presented with a bunch of little quests for them - but considering that the Brotherhood will factor largely much later in the game, being on their good side? Yeah, that is a very good idea!

So basically you are being asked to enlist - and that means being a follower - but doing so will NOT hijack your game or the story mates. Still if you have reservations about this, you can always take the diplomatic route - but do NOT say NO outright mind you - instead say you don't know...

By doing that you set it up so that you can come to the Police Station later if you change your mind. Doing it that way will flag the quest Semper Invicta - which you will hit later when you decide that the time is right to be a member of the Brotherhood.

At this point (or maybe earlier) you will have unlocked the Achievement: Commonwealth Citizen (10g) Reach Level 10.

Either way - accept or say you don't know - but doing it really is a good idea, so we are going to assume you said you did not know, and now you changed your mind and WANT to join. So you may as well head back to the Police Station to flag the quest...

Cambridge Polymer Labs

When you arrive at the Labs looking for the password you get side-tracked onto another quest!

1. Complete the research project
2. (Optional) Find another way to escape the Lab

Locked in the Clean Room you just need to complete the experiment to get her to release you. You could just escape, but where is the fun in that??

At the center of the lab is a terminal that both controls the experiment and provides clues as to what you need to do... And that is locate the reagents that are used for this experiment and insert them into the machine!

Those are Gold and Lithium Hydride. You will need to search the lab and its rooms to find what you need and, in the process of doing that you will find a terminal with the login credentials for the other quest, so it all works out in the end!

Once you find the Gold and Lithium and the isotope load them into the system and run the experiment - you can observe the process through the window then collect the finished object - that being a Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest with some pretty spiffy resistances! Whoa!

So take that and head to the exit from this area. IF you opened the doors earlier then Molly will aggro you on the way out - killing her completes the quest. If not, she will take you to meet the Director - and killing HIM ends the quest. Either way someone gotta die!

On your way out head upstairs to the Directors office - kill him - and be sure to loot the magazine and Fusion Core - and read his terminal!

Either way that completes this minor side-quest.

Cleansing the Commonwealth

Knight Rhys has a kill mission for you -- he has assigned you an area to clear - so go clear it!

Mission 1 1. Clear out College Square.
2. Report to Knight Rhys.

Knight Rhys has a kill mission for you -- he has assigned you an area to clear - so go clear it!

Your first clearing assignment is for College Square. Kill the Ghouls in the Square above then go down into the T Station and kill the ones in there.

After a few missions you will complete Semper Invicta - you can still continue to do missions for them but, for all intents and purposes that is purely voluntary.

Clearing the Way for County Crossing

The Radio flags this new quest to help clear a new settlement - so head to County Crossing to learn the details...

1. Talk to the settlers at County Crossing
2. Secure the workshop at Croup Manor
3. Report your success to the settlers at County Crossing.

Warning: This is a fairly advanced quest in that some of the enemies you will face include energy-weapon equipped bots. I strongly recommend you wear Power Armor for this one.

Croup Manor is on an island east of the Marina and Revere Satellite Array that you reach via a long causeway - Fast Traveling to Saugus Ironworks may be the most direct and fastest route but, once you do that, you are hoofing it the rest of the way.

If you are curious, that island we are headed towards is called Nahant Island and it really exists, causeway and all - most folks when they give directions to get there start you out near Lynn, Massachusetts, which has its own reputation...

“Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin, Bad Boys Come Out when Good Boys Go In!”

Ironically Nahant became independent of Lynn - which it was part of until the mid-1800s - due to the growing temperance movement in the region - as Nahant by then had several resorts operating and did not want to risk losing its ability to sell spirits to its clientele!

As you make your way to the island you have an opportunity to pick up a few more locations discoveries along the way - Lynn Pier Parking, Gibson Point Pier,

Once you reach the Causeway you will want to hunker down and use a Sniper Rifle to deal with the bots ahead - because even in Power Armor chances are they will kill you. But with good armor and a better Sniper Rifle you can stand-off and pull head-shots on the bot.

When you arrive at the Manor you will encounter Ghouls - and if you get the same draw we did there will be a Legendary Ghoul there with a pretty unique and worth having Flamer. So be sure to loot him.

When you get to the basement of the Manor the lock on the door is a Master Lock - so if you have not yet upgraded that Perk now is a good time!

Once you clear out the cellar workshop check out the Journal Entries on the terminal there... That is one frustrated Ghoul!

Head back up and use the Workbench in order to “unlock” it, then head back to let the settlers know about your success. But before you do that, since you are here anyway, why not explore and loot the rest of the island?

There is the Nahant Chapel to discover, and at the far tip of the island, the Nahant Oceanological Society.

Inside the Society building (the house) you will find a Wasteland Survival Guide (permanently gains +10% discount from food and drink vendors).

When you report back tot he settlers that completes the quest. It would probably be an idea to go home and dump your loot too.

Clearing the Way for Nordhagen Beach.

Preston Garvey asks you to help the settlers at Nordhagen Beach as soon as possible.

1. Talk to the settlers at Nordhagen Beach.
2. Secure the Workshop at Sunshine Trading Co.
3. Report your success to the settlers at Nordhagen Beach.
4. Tell Garvey.

When you arrive at the Beach you talk to the settlers and they ask you to clear out a site - note that WHICH site is purely a random number draw - for us it was the Workshop at the Sunshine Trading Co. If you draw a different location the only thing for it is to look in the Quest Section to find that location to the quest it was assigned to if you need help with it.

After we talk to the Settlers here they ask us to Secure the Workshop at Sunshine Trading Co. That location is way to the west - the good news though is that this one is an easy to clear out group of Ghouls.

After you clear out the camp head back to the Settlement and report your success and then tell Garvey...

Confidence Man

The owner of the Dugout Inn asked you to help imrprove the confidence of the Diamond City Racio DJ, Travis Miles.

1. Speak to Vadim
2. Meet Travis at the Dugout Inn after 6 PM
3. Help Travis
4. Talk to Vadim
5. Convince Scarlet to meet with Travis
6. Talk to Yefim
7. Talk to Travis
8. Help Travis rescue Vadin
9. Talk to Travis

After you talk to the brothers at the Dugout Inn (from the Misc Quest) you flag this one. You talk to Vadim and he asks you to help out in building Travis' confidence by helping Travis win a bar fight. Simple enough, right?

You need to meet Travis in the Dugout Inn after 6 PM - talk with him - and then help him both start and win a bar fight!

Once you do that he starts to get confidence - but his Russian buddy now wants you to help him get laid. Seriously!

You talk to Ms. Scarlet and convince her to go and see him - which just leaves you heading back to the bar to have a chat with the brother and it seems that things have gone pear-shaped. The blokes we fought with have taken Vadim - we need to talk to Travis.

After you talk to him you agree to meet at the Beantown Brewery. Which is outside of the city... Fast Travel to Oberland Station and then hoof it the short distance to the Brewery where you meet up with Travis.

Head inside after you chat and take out the Raiders - release Vadim and talk to Travis to complete the quest. Easy-peasy!

Curtain Call

You hear a radio broadcast from a man named Rex who is being held prisoner by Supermutants... And needs rescue.

1. Investigate radio broadcast.
2. Get Rex to safety.

This side-quest is one of the sort we obtain via stray radio signals. On our way through Boston we picked up this signal on an unused frequency - from a bloke named Rex who tells us that he is being held captive by some Super Mutants who plan on eating him. He would like to be rescued.

Rex is being held in the Trinity Tower, so we need to head there to investigate the broadcast.

As you work your way into the building you will need to kill the Super Mutants that are defending each level but, as you do that be sure you loot the meat sacks that are hanging around. They often have ammunition in them!

Once you reach the very top watch your step - the top floor is falling apart.

Finish of the Mutants there with the help of a sympathetic Mutant named Strong and release Rex from his cage, then use the window washer lift to depart. On the way down you will need to defeat more Super Mutants - and change window washer lifts at one point - but eventually you will make it to the ground level - at which point you should talk to Rex.

He will reward you - sort of... Completing this quest adds the Super Mutant Strong as a Companion, and earns you a chunk of XP.

Dangerous Minds

After speaking with Piper and Nick in Diamond City we need to go find this Dr. Amari for the next step in our investigation...

1. Talk to Doctor Amari.
2. Sit in the Memory Lounger
3. Explore Kellogg's Memories
4. Complete exploring Kellogg's Memory
5. Talk to Dr. Amari.

With Piper in tow we head off to meet up with Nick at Goodneighbor - which is not that far away. We can get there by Fast Travel to either the Old Corner Bookstore or Old Granary Burying Ground.

When we arrive there may be some neighborhood defenders - Super Mutants, Gunners, that sort of thing. You can either bypass them or deal with them, your call. But when we arrive at the target location we will find a small enclave has been created and inside we meet Finn, the official greeter - who it seems wants to sell you “Insurance” as in a shakedown. He has NO idea who he is dealing with!

But hey, no worries - the Mayor - a Ghoul named Hancock - addresses the issue for you! Hancock then gives you a proper welcome - and you can learn from him a little about their enclave.

Goodneighbor has a number of stores - Daisy's Discount, and next door there is Guns, Guns, Guns! The Third Rail is around the corner, and that is the direction we need to head to reach Scollay Square and the Memory Den.

The Memory Den

Inside the Memory Den we meet up with Nick and find Dr. Amari - who you can chat with to learn some background from, and then ask her to help you to dig into the Synth Memory Module you have acquired - she is not real wild about this...

You convince her to help from mutual interest, so you hand over the module and she tells you this is definitely Institute Tech! Not only that but she thinks that Nick might be compatible with the unit.

Dr. Amari wires Nick up and then you start searching through the memories that the device and what is left of Kellogg's brain contains - but wait, the stuff is encrypted!

She proposes that you join the link and between you and Nick you will gain access that way... Yeah...

After you sit in the Memory Lounger and the Doc links you in, you have the ability to sort of wander through the memories that are contained in the unit. It is not quite like being there, but pretty close to it. As close as you will want to get anyway.

To do this we actually have to navigate the neural pathways to each memory - when you reach a memory target each of the people in it and play through he recorded memory they hold. Basically what you are experiencing is his reflections.

Objects also contain memories - like the Door in the bedroom with Dad Memory. Be sure to look at objects for any that contain memories.

Eventually we find the memory of his meeting with an Institute Agent - and you get to see Kellogg's audition of sorts.

There are two types of memory you can observe - the active ones where you click on an object or person, and passive where you let the memory you are in play out.

When the last passive memory plays out you learn about an Institute Scientist that has defected - or at least run away - and they want him back! That is our lead - that is our smoking gun!

The Synth takes away Shaun and Kellogg is sent after the Scientist - then the Synth and Shaun teleport away! So... The Institute uses Teleportation! Hah!

With that crucial information discovered we can leave the memory matrix now.

Our next destination is The Glowing Sea - a radiation nightmare... The Doc remarks that we are going to have to find a way to survive there like the Scientist Virgil did if we are going to follow him there.

Amari speculates that Power Armor may be the answer - well that and lots of chems.

You now unlock the Achievement: Dangerous Minds (20g) Complete “Dangerous Minds”

There are medical supplies here you can freely take - as well as a copy of Robco Fun with the Grognak the Barbarian Holotape Game in it. Loot everything here that may be useful to you - then head up to talk to Nick - for a freaky encounter with the residual Kellogg! Yeow!

Talk to Nick about the Glowing Sea - then you have to decide who to take with you... Nick may have some issues with the memory device so he could be a threat - while Piper will just get dead from radiation. It might be an idea to keep Piper and then, when you go home, choose to use Strong, your Super Mutant Companion as your choice, since the radiation will not really effect him like it would Piper...

This completes the quest and flags the next step - The Glowing Sea. Before we head off on this adventure it would be an idea to get some of the Railroad stuff done first.

Defend Somerville Place

You hear over the radio that Somerville Place needs defensive help - and when you arrive you learn that they need you to set up defenses to protect them from Raiders. Basically you need to bring Gears, Oil, Steel, and Circuitry with you so you can build some turrets to help defend the settlement.

1. Travel to Somerville Place
2. Build Defenses (2 Turrets)
3. Help defend Somerville Place

You hear over the radio that Somerville Place needs defensive help - and when you arrive you learn that they need you to set up defenses to protect them from Raiders. Basically you need to bring Gears, Oil, Steel, and Circuitry with you so you can build some turrets to help defend the settlement.

Building two MG Turrets will meet the requirements for setting up defenses - then you just need to wait for the Raiders to attack and help to defend the settlement...

The attack will come from very strong Raiders - you may want to bring Power Armor - just saying.

The Devil's Due

You find the body of a soldier near the Witch Museum in Salem - and on the body is a Holotape. Listen to Private Hart's Holotape.

1. Listen to Private Hart's Holotape.
2. Explore the Museum
3. Listen to Sgt. Lee's Holotape.
4. Complete delivery of the egg or Return the egg to its nest.

From one of the Misc Quests at Diamond City... You find the body of a soldier near the Witch Museum in Salem - and on the body is a Holotape. Listen to Private Hart's Holotape.

You enter the Museum via the bulkhead on the side, and inside you will a Savage Deathclaaw - and kill it!

Once it is dead look for the Holotape on the ground in the bathroom by the bodies - listen to Sergeant Lee's Holotape. So you have a choice to make - return the egg to its nest or complete the delivery. Since we killed the mother the nest does not seem like a great option - so head for Diamond City to deliver it? Yeah that is what I opted to do.

You deliver the egg to the robot on the upper decks - delivering the egg completes the quest.

The Disappearing Act

After we return to the Agency we are prompted to read the file for the Earl Sterling Case. That file is on the desk in front of Nick - The client is Vadim Bobrov, and the case is a disappearance - a bartender named Earl Sterling from the Dugout has gone missing.

1. Read the Earl Sterling Case File
2. (Optional) Obtain the Key to Earl Sterling's House
3. Search Earl Sterling's House
4. Investigate the Mega Surgery Center
5. Investigate the Surgery Cellar
6. (Optional) Obtain the Key to the Surgery Cellar
7. Talk to Ellie

So first thing first, we need to get that key.. A good place to start would be with the client, right? So it is off to the Dugout to talk to Vadim - who fills you in on Earl. He gives you the key you need.

Now head to Earl's house and search it - among the flotsam you find on the floor a receipt for some surgery!

At the Center talk to Dr. Sun - and you learn that Dr. Crocker claimed that Earl vanished BEFORE he paid. That is NOT what this receipt says!

Go to the left of the doc and investigate the blood trail... We need to go into that basement - but we need to do it without anyone seeing us... But hey, that is what Stealthboys are for!

Use a Stealthboy and pick the lock, then get down and you will find Crocker! When you talk to him you figure out what the doc has done...

I opted to arrest him - you do what you want to. Doc Sun appears and you tell him what happened - just be honest - he will understand. Doc Sun takes charge and we can leave, having solved the case.

So yeah, we need to go report what has been found to Ellie... That closes the case and the quest!

That also wraps up the cases for Valentine's Detective Agency - so hey, well done you!

Duty or Dishonor

Supplies have gone missing from the base below and the Captain thinks we have a problem. If the Captain thinks we have a security problem, then we HAVE a security problem!

1. Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
2. Question Initiate Clarke
3. Question Knight Lucia
4. Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
5. Search for Evidence
6. Read Knight Lucia's Log
7. Confront Knight Lucia
8. Shadow Initiate Clarke
9. Find Initiate Clarke
10 (Optional) Exterminate the Ghouls
11. Confront Initiate Clarke
12. Report to Captain Kells

When you talk to Gavil you learn that he believes his people are beyond suspicion! He feels that the Captain is wasting time. He is quite hostile! When you question him that will add goals to the list - and you learn that the missing items are food. Hmm.

Question the two unit members, running through all of the information that they can provide, and then head back to the ship to look for evidence.

This is the sort of assignment that is not going to make you many friends. Just saying, I have been in something similar and believe me, nobody likes a rat, and any unit member looking at other unit members? He's seen as a rat!

Well Rat, you search through Lucia's stuff and find her log - and read it. Now you have to confront her over what it contains...

Clearly she is suspicious of Clarke - and perhaps for good reason? As you follow him you discover that (A) he is paranoid, and (B) he has a good reason to BE paranoid. You follow him into the ruins of the airport - and hopefully you brought silenced weapons so you can take out the Ghouls that block your path as you work your way to his location.

After you work your way through the airport subway you find Clarke and confront him - it works out that Clarke has been helping Ghouls!

You decide how you want to handle this - in the end you do the same thing anyway, which is report to the Captain. That completes the quest and flags a new one - A Loose End.

Emergent Behavior

Now that you have completed the Companion Quest with MacCready and saved the life of his son it is naturally time for you to choose another companion and work on THEIR Companion Quest. For us, for now, the obvious choice was our favorite French Tart Curie.

1. Bring Curie to Doctor Amari
2. Wait for Dr. Amari
3. Talk to the caretaker
4. Watch the download procedure.
5. Talk to Curie.

It turns out that what Curie wants is to be human along the lines of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz Stories. The difference though - and something you probably did not know - is that The Tim Man was not ALWAYS a Tin Man. He began his life as a human named Nick Chopper - so he KNOWS what it means to BE a human.

Curie on the other hand was always a robot, so she is basically presuming a lot.

When we decide to help Curie make her dream come true we already have a pretty good idea of both how that can happen, and whose help we need to MAKE it happen. We are of course speaking of Dr. Amari at The Memory Den in Goodneighbor - a woman and doc with lots of experience turning AI into humans. We are just saying!

So heading to The Memory Den we talk to Dr. Amari and she tells us that doing such a transfer is actually trivial... But creating a human from a robot? Not so much. Now a Synth brain - THAT could work!

She tells you about the zombie Synths that are created when a transfer goes wrong - and that she is willing to see if they can do the transfer into one of those - if you are willing?

You need to wait a day while Dr. Amari checks into getting the permissions that will be required. See, even in a post-apocalyptic world people still fear Lawyers!

The easy solution here is to catch a squat on a nearby couch and wait 24 hours - that is what we did - and then talk to the Doc again to learn that not everyone is on board with this experiment - particularly the caretaker of the zombie Synth...

There is a Speech Check but you do not actually have to pass it to proceed - and the transfer works! Well, sort of...

After the transfer Dr. Amari does some basic tests - she seems to be experiencing some emotions for the first time - and Amari explains to you that to help Curie you are going to have to help her adjust to her new form. And that completes the quest but not the adventure that is Curie!

Talk to the minder after the quest ends and you will find that the Railroad Agent is not happy with the choice she made. Next you should talk to Curie using the Talk command - she freaks out a little and you need to reassure her. She is understandably worried about getting killed.

Before you do anything else we strongly recommend that you take her back to your Settlement and dip into your Armor and Weapons Stores to outfit her with a very good set of personal armor and weapons. Seriously.

But anyway, well done on completing another Companion Quest!

Emogene Takes a Lover

When you turn in the previous quest for Cabot you run into a family fight - it seems that Jack's sister Emogene has taken off with a new love interest and needs to be brought back home.

1. Talk to Edward
2. (Optional) Ask around the Third Rail about Emogene.
3. Find Emogene Cabot.
4. Return to Cabot House

Start out in the Goodneighbor enclave - head to the Third Rail and ask around about Emogene Cabot... Talk to the bartender, then the singer, then Ham shares what he knows, and you learn that the direction you need to go is in the Back Bay area.

When you reach the Amphitheater the confrontation with the fake preacher will go one of two ways - you will either talk them into releasing her and complying - or you will kill them all and free Emogene yourself. Either way she goes her own way with a message for you to deliver.

So return to Cabot House and deliver the message - but when you arrive you find Jack talking to Edward via the Ham Radio - and it seems Edward is in trouble. When you tell him about Emogene you complete the quest and get your reward.

You then unlock the Achievement: Gun-For-Hire (20g) Complete 10 Side Quests. You also flag the next quest in the series - The Secret of Cabot House.

End of the Line

Following the meeting with the Directorate - and dealing with that minor insurrection - we need to speak with Father once again.

1. Speak with Father

The issue of your past association with The Railroad is raised - but your actions in taking out their leadership seems to have solved that matter. The conclusion of this conversation completes this mission and flags the next one - Airship Down.

Fire Support

While traveling near Lexington and College Square your Pipboy received a military radio broadcast.

1. Listen to Military Frequency AF95.
2. Proceed to Cambridge Police Station.
3. Assist the Soldiers
4. Speak to Paladin Danse

The military needs our help? Really? Really!

Head for the Cambridge Police Station by Fast Traveling to the Corvega Plant and then hoofing it the rest of the way...

When you arrive on site you will have to fight your way through a pack of Feral Ghouls and THEN battle another pack with the Army types to clear away the entrance to the Police Station!

After you help them you eventually learn that they are Brotherhood of Steel - not Army! Well of course they are! And they want your help. So? Are you going to help them?

Agreeing to help them will complete this quest -and flag a new quest - Call to Arms.

The First Step

Preston Garvey asks you to travel to a nearby settlement and help the people there.

1. Talk to the settlers at Tenpines Bluff
2. Kill the Raiders in the Corvega Assembly Plant.
3. Report your success to the settlers at Tenpines Bluff.
4. Talk to Preston Garvey

You can Fast Travel back to the Satellite Station and then proceed from there to the Settlement - when you arrive talk to the woman in the shack so she doesn't blow your head off. She tells you about the Raider Gang that is messing with them. You agree to help.

BEFORE you go after the Raiders though head towards the bridge in the distance and when you get to the edge of the cliff you will see a derailed train below. To the right of that of the derailed cars is a car that is still on the tracks - and inside that is another POWER ARMOR SUIT! And it appears to have a Fusion Core.

Head inside the blue car and use the terminal to unlock the cage and grab the Power Armor to use on the Raiders - if you like. Either way, when you are ready head to the marker for the Raiders - hey, it's the Corvega Factory! Remember we have a key here from Concord that we looted that will get us into the supply room there.

If you cannot hack the terminal to get the Power Armor here, it might be an idea to head home and get your set of Power Armor for this quest. Just saying...

Helpful Hint: You may not be aware of this but you do not spend energy in your Power Armor when you Fast Travel - so instead of heading back to get your Armor and then hoofing it to the Factory - or using the Armor here and hoofing it, proceed on foot and NOT wearing Power Armor towards the Factory until you flag a location nearby that you can then use for Fast Travel.

That way you can conserve the energy in your Armor via Fast Travel thus making it more effective. If you DO obtain the second set of Power Armor it is a good idea to take that back to Sanctuary when you are done and store it there for future need.

Search south towards the Factory and you will discover Bedford Station (mind the Feral Ghouls here, the place is crawling with them).

In the Station Master's Tower there is a Terminal - listen to the Holotape and then read the notes you took from the bodies. There is another terminal (and more Ghouls) in the Loading Dock to check out. The Blue Barrel is inside the Blue Boxcar on the tracks here.

As you get closer to the Factory you will discover the town of Lexington - excellent! That is your Fast Travel Point! Now just Fast Travel home, kit-up, and Fast Travel back!

Lexington, Massachusetts Now that you have kitted-up (either your original Power Armor or the set from the Train) Fast Travel to Lexington and clear out the army of Raiders that are defending the Plant outside. Once you have done so and taken out the Turret (be sure to loot that) head inside, where you get to do it all over again!

Helpful Hint: It will work better for you to kill all the Raiders first, then dump what you have looted so far and return to loot the factory. There is a LOT of stuff you are going to want to loot here! You should also loot any bodies of items you want since bodies DO disappear.

Wrapping Up the Quest - and Looting After you complete killing the Raiders return to Sanctuary and rack your Power Armor - repairing its damage - and then store your resources and any loot you need to before you return to Tenpines Settlement to let them know of your success.

They are happy - you get your reward - and they decide to join the Minutemen! So head back to Sanctuary and let Garvey know and that will wrap up the quest, and gain you a Flare Gun you can use to call for help if needed.

Garvey then flags a new quest for you - Taking Point: Starlight Drive-In. So yeah, good on ya!

You then unlock the Achievement: The First Step (10g) Join the Minutemen

So hey! Grats on becoming an Minuteman!

Once you have completed their quest, return to the factory and loot it in earnest, Fast Traveling back to Sanctuary as needed to dump your gains. There is a LOT of really great loot to be had here. No joke. Just keep an eye out for Ghouls.

What I did was loot all that I could carry then store the loot in a container near the entrance, then rinsed and repeated until I had the place cleared, at which point I then ferries the loot back to Sanctuary.

Having looted the Factory completely now would be a good time to take a look around Lexington - though it should be noted that it does contain Ghouls - so use your best judgment and, if you feel like you have enough loot you can give it a pass?

From Within

Maxson asks us to search for and find a scientist named Dr. Li and convince her to return to the Brotherhood when we are inside The Institute.

1. Locate Dr. Li.
2. Speak to Dr. Li in Advanced Systems.
3. Retrieve evidence to convince Dr. Li.
4. Bring the Holotape to Dr. Li.
5. Report to Elder Maxson.

She is not eager to go back to the Brotherhood - but as you try to convince her she ends up asking YOU for a favor. A deal about Virgil of all things!

You reveal that Virgil is still alive - and she tells you she does not believe you. Actually that works out in your favor since she directs you to his lab and gives you a code. She installs a Courser Chip in your Pipboy that will allow you to come and go as you please. Hey that works good for us too!

Completing this mission is actually the priority at the moment, but you will need to proceed through most of the next mission - Institutionalized - to do that. At least as far as interfacing with Dr. Li.

Naturally the answers lay in the Bioscience Division - which was where Virgil worked. Heading in there to get to his lab on the other hand? Not so easy. Fortunately you can use the back passage to get to the locked door and then pick the lock.

Once inside the lab as you search you will need to take out a few turrets, and then hack a terminal. Inside the lab you will have to kill a nasty bot too.

In the lab at the end of the path you will find the evidence you need - a Holotape - so backtrack to the discrete door you entered from and then make your way back to Dr. Li.

Back at Advanced Systems when you talk to Li and give her the Holotape she sort of freaks a little. You have convinced her - she agrees to head back to the Brotherhood. You can report that to Elder Maxson and that will complete the quest and flag another - Liberty Reprimed.

Getting a Clue

Nick wants you to meet him at his office to chat with you about the case...

1. Go to Valentine's Detective Agency.
2. Talk to Ellie
3. Tell Nick your Story.
4. Follow Nick
5. Investigate Kellogg's House
6. Show Dogmeat the cigar

When you arrive at Nick's office you talk to Ellie and she thanks you for finding Nick.

He asks you to tell him your story in detail - you do and he quickly IDs the suspect in your son's kidnapping... After you tell him your story he makes a connection right here in town - to a tough that used to live here - with a ten year old boy no less.

He decides you should check out the house together. You head to the house and need to pick the lock - it is a Master Level one so hopefully you have that skill...

As you search the house you find a button under the desk that opens a secret door - inside in addition to a LOT of kit and supplies you find a box of cigars that is a definite clue. Valentine suggests you use Pal/Dogmeat to sniff the Cigar and track down the suspect.

When you exit the house Dogmeat is waiting for you - show him the cigar and that completes the quest Getting a Clue! This then flags the quest Reunions.

Ghoul Problems at Greentop Nursery

Garvey tells you about a Ghoul Problem at another Settlement - and asks you to head over and see what you can do...

1. Talk to the settlers at Greentop Nursery.
2. Kill the Ghouls in National Guard Training Yard.
3. Report your success at Greentop Nursery
4. Talk to Preston Garvey

The location for this one is farther east than we have gone so far in the game. If you look at your map you will see that it is east and a little north of Malden Center (Malden is a city near Boston).

With your weapons and armor squared away, Fast Travel to Bedford Station on the map, and then hoof it to the east heading for the marker for the Greenhouse. Be wary, and be ready for trouble as you have quite a distance to travel!

As you make your way across the Wastelands you will discover the following locations:

  • Wildwood Cemetery
  • General Atomics Galleria
  • Mass Fusion Containment Shed
  • Old Gullet Sinkhole

For now just avoid entering their grounds if you can. You add them to the map as Fast Travel Spots for sure, but as it stands our interest is getting to the quest site, not having random battles. Just saying...

Put it this way - bad luck happens! I no sooner arrived at the Greenhouse when I was attacked by Stingwings and THEN killed by a Deathclaw! Sheesh! So yeah, avoid random battles and try to avoid bad luck by saving often.

When you arrive the Settler tells you about the Feral Ghouls who have become a problem for them - the Ghouls are based out of the old National Guard Training Yard it seems - a look at the map shows that as being farther south and a little east of the Greenhouses.

Actually it is a fair distance. But now that we have the Greenhouse marked as a Fast Travel spot we can return via Fast Travel to home and grab our Power Armor for this one if we like...

National Guard Training Yard Be warned that in addition to Feral Ghouls there are also Mines and MG Turrets! This is a National Guard Training Yard after all!

When you reach the main building area you will need to clear out some Ghouls and turrets and a fair number of mines as you make your way to the doors to the Recruitment Center. Inside there will of course be more Ghouls.

When you enter the room in the rear-right of the building you will flag a new quest - The Lost Patrol - and discover the body of Knight Astlin - and on the body there is a Holotape as well as Holotag.

When you collect the beacon the distress signal stops. Obviously that was the source. As you listen to her tape you can feel the hopelessness of her situation - though you already know how it ended up!

To move this quest forward we have to get into the Barracks, which are protected by a security gate. The level of hacking skill required is beyond us - and probably beyond YOU. Still there IS a way to get through it - head upstairs and search the rooms until you find the desk with the password in it.

Be sure that you use the terminal in the office upstairs to unlock the door to the armory (the building outside with the red door that had the turrets on its roof) - that will be important when we leave.

Collect that and head back to the terminal - NOW you can use it!

Both the Ghoul killing quest and The Lost Patrol have us heading through the door and outside - for the current one that basically means finishing off the Ghouls at the base - for the latter it means heading to the Satellite Array in Revere - which is not too far away from us so we will want to do that after we take care of the Ghouls.

On the body of the Boss Ghoul you will find a special weapon: Junkie's Double-Barrel Shotgun!

As you work your way through the Barracks you will kill a variety of Ghouls - finally ending up facing a “Glowing One” who is hard to kill but the death of which wraps up the quest - so we just need to report back to the Greenhouse!

Once outside go to the Armory and into the Power Armor Storage Room - kill the Ghoul there and then grab the T45 Power Armor - hey there is no such thing as enough Power Armor mates!

Once you report in you then need to head home and talk to Garvey - you also need to head home and repair, refurbish and re-supply - so you may as well do that.

At some point you will have progressed far enough so that you can talk to Codsworth and have him offer to be one of your companions. Obviously you want to collect as many different companions as you can - because hey, variety is the spice of life!

Ghoul Problems at Oberland Station

With Radio Freedom up and running we now get quests via that - and this one came over almost straight away!

1. Talk to the settlers at Oberland Station
2. Kill the Ghouls at Fiddler's Green.
3. Tell the Settlers your success.
4. Talk to Garvey.

Thanks to a broadcast over the new radio network that we helped to establish we have learned of some Ghoul problems at Oberland Station... We need to talk to the settlers there to learn more.

When you arrive as expected you learn that a pack of Feral Ghouls has appeared nearby and they need them handled. That would be your job...

This time they are located to the west at Fiddler's Green Trailer Park...

There are a fair number - and the boss is a Glowing One - but if you take your time and keep your distance this should not present a serious challenge. Not even a little!

With the park cleared head back to report your success and then go and tell Garvey as well to collect your XP reward. When we reported in though he had two new quests for us - Kidnapping at County Crossing, and Old Guns (this one is trouble at the Castle mind you!).

The Gilded Grasshopper

When you take the Marty Bullfinch file Ellie will give you a briefing and Nick will add his comments.

1. Take the Case File
2. Listen to Marty's Holotape
3. Find the Gilded Grasshopper
4. Read “Food for the Grasshopper”
5. Find Shem Drowne's grave
6. Report back to Nick and Ellie

After you listen to the Holotape, head to the marker on the map (Faneuil Hall) and you will need to take out the Super Mutant defenders first.

Once you have dealt with the outside defenders head inside the Hall, where you will battle the inside Super Mutants as you make your way up to the roof. Once you exit outside, you will make your way along the catwalks and discover what actually happened to Marty Bullfinch!

When you reach the marker - take the Gilded Grasshopper - then read the note “Food for the Grasshopper” from your Inventory.

“Shem Drowne made it, May 25, 1742.

“To my brethren and fellow grasshoppers, Fell in ye year 1753 (1755) Nov. 13, early in ye mnring by a great earthquake by my old Master above.

“Again, like to have met with Utter Ruin by Fire, by hopping Timely from my Public Station, came of the broken bones and much bruised. Cured and Fixed.

“Old Master's son Thomas Drowne June 28, 1768, and Though I will promise to Discharge my office, yet I shall vary as ye wind.

“On the banks of the Charles, where forever rests Master Shem, there on can find a life's worth.”

So there you have it - we are looking for a grave... The closest Fast Travel spot is Cabot House, so head there and then hoof it to the marker, where you will find the grave. When you dig - God I cannot believe we are grave-robbing! - that will complete the quest.

We just need to report back to the Detective Agency to wrap it up and get another case!

The Glowing Sea

We need to locate Virgil, the escaped Institute scientist, who is somewhere in the Glowing Sea. He has the crucial information that we need to crack open the whereabouts of The Institute for once and for all! Or so we hope...

1. Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea

To deal with the radiation we are going to want to take our Power Armor - fully repaired - and a good amount of RadX and RadAway! Stimpacks and food will also be a good thing to have.

The Glowing Sea is far to the south and west - actually once you get there you are going to discover that the map there extends a lot farther to the south than its marked line would suggest...

Radiation is not the only danger there - Deathclaws and Rad Scorpions are also an ever-present threat. You may also encounter other threats so it would be an idea to go carefully here.

It would be an idea to avoid any battles you can safely avoid here.

When you approach the crater you will encounter members of the Church of Atom - who when you talk to them will share information about Virgil...

When you arrive at Virgil's Cave you encounter a sleeping Deathclaw - taking him out should be trivial with a Missile Launcher.

Inside the cave you will encounter Virgil - who turns out to be something of a surprise in his own right! Not going to ruin it for you if you are reading ahead though.

After you talk with Virgil he cuts a deal with you - he will help you but he wants you to help him. You obviously want to agree to his condition - and he shares what he knows.

Virgil explains that you need to kill an Institute Courser - which means you will have to hunt one down and then kill it to get the Relay Control in its head. He points you at the ruins of CIT, and explains how to use your Pipboy Radio to track one down.

That's pretty much all he has to share. And that completes the quest.

On the bench in the other room is a Tesla Science Magazine. Get that and read it. You've flagged the next mission in the story line - Hunter/Hunted.


Thanks to the escaped Institute Scientist Virgil you now have a better than even chance of actually reaching the Institute!

1. Travel to C.I.T.
2. Tune to Courser's Radio Frequency
3. Use the Courser Radio Frequency to track a Courser.
4. Kill the Courser
5. Recover the Courser Chip.


Using your Pipboy, you need to track down a Courser - one of the Synth Killers - and to do that you will need to go to the C.I.T. ruins and use your radio to detect their presence. The CIT Campus is in Cambridge - naturally - and our closest Fast Travel point is likely to be either the Campus Law Office or Fraternal Post 115.

Either way Fast Travel as close as you can and then hoof it in to the Campus... Then tune your Pipboy Radio to the Courser wavelength.

Inside the building you encounter a battle being fought between Super Mutants and Synths that is good for some diversionary fun, but the signal you are tracking is actually outside - so kill, loot, then get back to work, right?

For us - we are not sure if this will be the same for you - the radio signal took us to the northeast corner of the building and then to the north and east a ways away from it, until we were taken by the signal directly to the Greentech Genetics Building, at which point the flag changed to Kill the Courser and the door to the building was flagged!

Of Courser we went inside and killed it!

Right so it did not go quite that simple - you see inside is an entire squad of Gunners and it seems that they are ALSO hunting the Courser?!

You basically have to fight your way almost to the top level, taking out Gunners as you go until you finally pin the Courser in a bathroom, and kill it. And make no mistake this thing is HARD to kill. If you did not bring your Power Armor - and why you would NOT bring that we have NO idea!? you will be in trouble.

As you complete this mission and collect the chip you will unlock the Achievement: Hunter/Hunted (20g) Complete “Hunter/Hunted”.


Following the meeting with the Directorate, Dr. Holdren remained behind to chat with us and to request our assistance with his side-project.

1. Collect a Flesh Sample
2. Take the Flesh Sample to Dr. Holdren

To undertake this side-quest Dr. Holdren dispatches you to the vicinity of Shaw High School in the hopes of you obtaining the sample he needs from a Super Mutant.

When you arrive at the marker you are directed to head inside of the building - at which point you will find that the school is choker-blocks full of Super Mutant evidence - and for the purposes of this side-quest only one will do: Super Mutant Primus!

Once you hunt him down and kill him you return to the doc and that completes the side-quest. When you arrived back at the Institute you will have flagged a new side-quest - A House Divided.


No sooner have you arrived when it is clear they know you are there. A voice comes over the PA calling itself Father and asks you to come talk to it face-to-face - asking you to step into the Lift.

1. Enter the Elevator.
2. Meet the Division Leaders.

It seems that stepping into the lift is the only way forward - so we may as well do it. Clearly this Father means to sway us with his verbal skills and the revelation of what The Institute is doing.

After we use the first lift, we go down a short corridor and use another as Father reveals that he knows why we have come - for Shaun. Target him and talk to him - but this does not go like you hoped it would. Clearly when Father enters and shuts down this Synth we thought was our son, it is NOT what we hoped for at all.

So we talk with this Father fella, and he confirms that Shaun is here. Unfortunately he is not going to just hand him over... Because he IS Shaun!

He explains to you what he wants you to understand - and as the conversation unfolds you do get some information about what The Institute was doing - and why.

Clearly this Father has an agenda. Whether he is telling us the truth or not remains to be determined - but as for his question of us joining them? Yeah that is NOT going to happen. The best way to handle this is to be non-committal - do not say yes, do not say no. Say you don't know. That will get you access.

You do that and he suggests you meet the Division Leaders - and then decide later. For now wander around and loot, seek out information, and talk to people.

Head to the various markers to have your chats:

Dr. Justin Ayo - a rather stuck up fella in charge of Synth Retention. It turns out that they have no idea why the Synths are escaping! You should question him as much as possible - when will you have the chance again?

When you are done with him go into the chamber across the way and use the terminal there - it has a list of their informants on it! According to the file the following are not to be trusted:

  • Cricket - Caravaner
  • Tommy Lonnegan - Owner of the Combat Zone
  • Trashcan Carla - Caravaner
  • Doc Weathers - Caravaner
  • A.J. - Chem Dealer in Goodneighbor
  • Marowski - Chem Supplier in Goodneighbor
  • Lucas Miller - Caravaner
  • Henry Cook - Bartender in Diamond City

Heading for the next marker we find Dr. Li in Advanced Systems.

Speaking to Dr. Li advances this and the other mission - and gets you access in and out of the Institute.

Speak to Dr. Clayton Holdoman, head of the Bioscience Division next. You can ask him about the Synth Gorillas, and you can also ask if he needs any help?

You finally end up talking with Dr. Allie Filmore - Chief Engineer. She explains her department and job and then answers your questions.

When you finish talking to her you will unlock the Achievement: Institutionalized (10g) Complete “Institutionalized”.

Note: If you proceed with the Institute Missions farther than this, you are basically choosing to align with The Institute as the fourth Faction. So this is where we stop doing Institute Missions.

Jackpot: Hub 360

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