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Welcome to Morrison House

Morrison House is “Simply The Best” - we want every single student to try their best and we will support them and help them to be the best.

As our anthem states, we are "Simply the Best!" I like to think that we are a caring House and that is one of my priorities, every child matters. We do everything we can to support our students to ensure they get the most out of their time at Fulston Manor School.

The Morrison House Ethos

•    We will work with all the students and parents which will allow each member of Morrison to achieve their full potential.
•    I consider Morrison to be like one happy family, we will all support each in times of success and failure.
•    We encourage students to be individuals but with the same goal of being as successful as you can in everything you do.

As students are with us for at least five years I feel that relationships between staff, students and parents are important. So if anything is worrying you please do not hesitate in contacting me so that I can help to solve the problem, nothing is too big or small! I don't have a magic wand but promise to do my best.

House Captains 2017 - 2018

Names of House Captain: Ben Phillips, Tiegan Sargent
Names of Vice Captain: Maddison James, David Baker, Cameron Davicon

Sports Captains 2017 - 2018

Name of House Sports: Bobbi Shadlock, Hayden Wood

Year Group Captains
Year 7 Owen Neat Patience Glenn


Year 8 Ryder Delport Sophie Pugh
Year 9 Onye Agwu Leah Neat
Year 10 Harry Clarke Jaz Wilkins

Captains 2017 - 2018

Tuttor GroupForm CaptainsHouse Council Representatives
M-CBO Charlotte Abbott Lewis Davison, Oliver Larkin
M-CFK Holly Cooper Alex O’callaghan
M-CGO Masie Crewe

Rayelle Ennels-Smith

M-HRO Ella Brice Lewis Bleir
M-JEA John Hanson Lily Carberry
M-JLS Rikki Charalambous Celal Darioglu
M-JWA Tommy Kennedy Oscar Bennett
M-RTU Isabelle Chick Jaz Wilkins
M-SRA William Brice Mia Nyberg
M-ZHQ  Joe Shackleford Owen Foster



Year 11

Year 11 PPE Timetable

Please find attached below a copy of the year 11 PPE exam timetable for January to download. 

 Year 11 PPEs January 2018

Year 10 GCSE Parents Evening

Please find attached below a copy of the year 10 GCSE parents evening PowerPoint to download. The power point covers a variety of topics including, how the new GCSE syllabus works, how is the school supporting progress, how can parents support progress and what happens next.

Year 10 GCSE Parents Evening PowerPoint


  Year 11 GCSE Parents Evening 2017 PPT

 Year 11 GCSE Parents Evening 2017 PDF

 Subject Deadline 2017 - 2018

 Homework Timetable 2017 - 2018

 Workshop Rota 2017 - 2018

 Every Lesson Counts

 Year 11 exam Timetable

 Year 11 Study Skills Focus Day

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