English 30-1 Critical Analytical Essay

ShuaiNan Fang Fang Page 1 of 7 April 16, 2013 English 30-1, Period 2 Mr. Petrie The Wars Essay – Significance of Idealism and Truth in an Individual’s Life (Draft 4) The significance of idealism and truth in one’s life is a commonly asked question that challenges individuals alike. Though it is obvious that both forces play a major role in shaping an individual’s character and identity amongst all other members of society, finding the proper balance and equilibrium between the amounts of influence they each possess is most significant. Should this balance be disturbed, a potentially dangerous and chaotic situation is created as the two forces engage in direct conflict with one another in an attempt to re-establish their balance and equilibrium. A commonly presented situation in literature is when a character of a story attempts to live according to their ideal perception of their world, while heavily disregarding the truth of the same world around them. The heavy focus on idealism along with the denial of truth then knocks the forces out of balance, sending them into conflict with each other. More often than not, the idealistic character undergoes a dynamic evolution as they become tied up within the conflict. In the midst of the confusion and chaos, the truth of the world then counters out the excess idealism introduced by the character and re-establishes its proper amount of influence. In the novel The Wars, by Timothy Findley, Robert Ross, the protagonist and hero of the story, goes to war after feeling guilty for failing to prevent his sister Rowena’s death. Due to the fact that the reader of this novel is assigned the role of an archivist – to interpret scenes and add color and meaning to them, the death of Rowena is commonly interpreted as the downfall of innocence. As such, Robert goes on a hero’s journey, on a quest to defend and save innocence. Here, Robert’s ideal is to have innocence in his world thrive and last, despite the truth that it will get lost with experience and exposure to the world. By refusing to acknowledge the harshness of reality and let go of the last pieces of Rowena (bits of innocence) he still possessed, Robert demonstrates that if one attempts to live too idealistically without acknowledging the truth adequately, truth

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