Pantheon Heartseeker Strike Critical Thinking

>**Pantheon** _Heartseeker Strike (E)_ Active damage over 3 strikes lowered to 80/130/180/230/280 (+3 bonus AD) from 80/140/220/260/320 (+3.6 bonus AD) [Tooltip has changed. It now lists damage over three strikes vs listing an damage of each strike. Also now lists damage to champions and mentions it does reduced damage to minion/monster rather than damage it does to monster/minion then double to champiions.] [NOTE: Damage to minions/monsters roughly the same.] _Grand Skyfall (R) _ Mana cost reduced to 100 at all ranks from 125. No longer refunds (85) mana if R is cancelled. Cooldown when cancelled increased to 30 seconds from 10 seconds. No crying, no bullshit, no wailing or gnashing of teeth and yet he still got nerfed. Yes, continue to cry about Zed, a champion whose damage is 100% skillshot based while Pantheon deals respectable burst with the skill of old Ryze. His main damage spell got destroyed at later ranks. He now deals 100 less damage per E at rank 5 with 100 bonus AD. That's roughly a 15% reduction in damage to his main damage spell. The other 2 nerfs are pretty much meaningless, but hopefully the amazing buff to his R cost will help with early snowballing. That is honestly my biggest gripe with Pantheon. I never seem to have enough mana to countergank effectively unless I literally just came from the fountain.

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Standard on most mid laners. It helps you escape, gap close, jump walls, re-position - it's simply too good to pass up. There's simply no other spell that's as versatile as Flash. The fact that you can use it to escape, dodge spells, or go aggressive is what makes it such a strong spell.


Ignite is taken to increase your overall damage and acts as an additional spell. This extra damage will give you a lot more kill potential on the enemy throughout the laning phase.

One tip is to remember that Ignite applies Grievous Wounds - reducing all healing by 40%. For this reason you always want to try to Ignite at the start of your all-in engages. This is due to the fact that it's common for players to consume a health pot at the start of a fight to increase their health regeneration throughout the engagement. 

Additionally, Ignite will give you sight on enemy champions it's applied to - this does not reveal stealth champions. However, this can be important when fighting around brushes as enemies can use brushes to hide, juke you, and overall increase their chances of getting away.

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