All Quiet On The Western Front Essay On The Horrors Of War

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The ending to Erich Maria Remarque’s book, All Quiet on the Western Front is a very convincing and logical ending that connects every end together and ties together with the main themes of the book: the horrors of war, the fragility of human life, and the effect of war on the soldier.. It also ties together the events of the book, and presents us with a brilliant ending that is convincing and believable in light of what we have already seen illustrated.
The ending to All Quiet on the Western Front manages to tie in and include elements from at least three major themes in the book, that is, the horrors of war, the fragility of human life, and the effect of war on the soldier.. Throughout the book we see each of these themes illustrated,…show more content…

This illustrates the fragility of human life, as it can be taken in an instant. The final theme which the ending ties in is the effect of war on the soldier. As is illustrated with Kemmerich early on, when he dies, the soldiers find themselves only able to care about who gets his boots. This is one of the effects: the war has taken away the soldiers abilities to mourn for their comrades. We see this in the casual way that Paul takes the death of his friends; the deaths of both Muller and Katcinzsky both do not affect him emotionally, as he just moves on after each. Another effect of war is perfectly illustrated when Paul compares the soldiers in the war to the minting of coins, how they are all minted together, losing any since of individuality or character. Each of these themes are woven throughout the book, and all culminate in the ending. Thus, the ending is convincing in the way that it agrees with and in a way, completes each theme.
The ending is also logical to the sequence of events presented up to the ending. We see the effect that war has and the consequences, with Paul even commenting that you can die whenever, in a second, when you least expect it. Unlike many other war novels and movies, Remarque does not wait until the very end to start killing off everyone. In fact, he does it at a steady pace throughout the book, with both Joseph Behm and Franz Kemmerich dying in the first two chapters. Later on, Haie Westhus

All Quiet On The Western Front as an Anti-War Novel Essay

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All quiet On the Western Front, a book written by Erich Maria Remarque tells of the harrowing experiences of the First World War as seen through the eyes of a young German soldier. I think that this novel is a classic anti-war novel that provides an extremely realistic portrayal of war. The novel focuses on a group of German soldier and follows their experiences.

Life for the soldiers in the beginning is a dramatic one as they are ordered up to the frontline to wire fences. The frontline makes Paul feel immediately different as described here. "As if something is inside us, in our blood, has been switched on." The front makes Paul more aware and switched on as if his senses and reactions are sharpened. I think Paul and his friends are…show more content…

"A wounded soldier? I shout to him-no answer- must be dead." The dead body has fallen out the coffin and the coffin has been unearthed because of the shelling. Even the dead and buried cannot rest in peace during this war. This just adds to the horror of the situation Paul is in.

Through out this book the author shows that war is not about heroism and fighting nobly for your country, war is a terrible thing. Paul and his friends are on the frontline in the shelters for days and the pressure gets to the men as Paul says here. "The recruit who had the fit earlier is raving again and two more have joined in. One breaks away and runs for it." This shows that the frontline, added by lack of food, has driven the young recruits mad and so much so that one recruit runs away out into the battle field with inevitable consequence of death. Paul describes the front line in many ways to show the reader and give the reader a good picture of what the frontline is like for a soldier, as Paul expresses here." The front is a cage and you have to wait nervously in it for whatever happens to you", and Paul also says. "I can be squashed flat in a bomb-proof dugout, and I can survive ten hours in the pen under heavy barrage without a scratch." This shows the reader that it is very unpredictable on the frontline and that a soldier owes his life only to lucky chances that they have not yet been killed.

Paul and his platoon have been turned into machines due to the war, controlled by

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