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Independent work is a vital part of the learning process and Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form students will always be given opportunities to do this, although it will vary with the stage of learning and individual subject areas.

All subject teachers will regularly set students short tasks to complete independently.  These tasks will relate closely to the current lesson content and the aim is usually to help students to practice skills and to learn and recall specific knowledge.  There is no specific timetable for this homework.             

To complement these tasks, which usually have short deadlines, students may be given longer pieces of work to be completed in stages over a period of time and with a final hand-in date of some weeks ahead (sometimes referred to as ‘Advanced Homework’).

Full instructions for all homework will be posted on the Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form ‘Show My Homework’ calendar, accessed via the link on the school website.  Students and parents can filter tasks by year, subject or teacher to access the full instructions and deadlines for homework tasks set.  Paper copies of homework tasks will always be made available on request to the teacher setting homework.

Students and parents will be given a personal log-in to the ‘Show My Homework’ calendar which will generate a personalised version of the calendar.  This will display only the homework set for the individual student, including full details and deadlines.

Additional Information for Parents

Homework is an out-of-school assignment that contributes to the educational progress of your child.  With the arrival of new technology, the tasks set to complete at home can be very diverse.  Teachers may include a link to a video clip to watch or a website to visit*.  Some homework will take a more traditional form such as additional exercises, reading of material on a specific subject, in-depth extension of classroom activities, or independent project work related to the subject.

The amount, frequency and nature of the homework will be based on the teacher’s professional judgement and reflect the nature of the subject and your child’s current level of achievement.  Homework will increase in length and frequency as your child progresses from Year 7 to 11 and on into Sixth Form.

In order to attain the maximum benefit from homework, your child is responsible for completing homework assignments on time and as directed.  ‘Show My Homework’ is an essential tool for student organisation and planning.  Parents and carers can support students by monitoring and discussing family and other commitments in advance so students can develop good habits in planning and preparation for out-of-school learning.

*Computer access is available to all students in The Learning Resource Centre until 4.00pm Monday – Thursday and until 3.30pm on Friday.

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